Friday, September 19, 2014

Honk If You Know Me

I got hugged repeatedly in the middle of the Lee bridge this morning, thereby proving everyone is right.

And by everyone, I mean all those friends I go out with who are always telling me that no matter where I go, I inevitably run into someone I know.

Given today's cloudy skies, it was an ideal day for taking my daily walk across a bridge, something I've done before and enjoyed immensely.

There are always cars that wave and honk and I smile back, but one of today's honkers was particularly enthusiastic.

A few minutes later, the car pulls up just ahead of where I'm walking mid-bridge and out comes Lily, the puppeteer.

Now, I've known Lily for seven years or so, carried a sign and marched in the annual Halloween parade she organizes, eaten at the spaghetti dinner benefits she holds to raise funds for puppet-making, watched her referee female arm wrestling matches.

But I hadn't seen her since last winter.

She got out of the car and did a happy dance  and I responded in kind in the middle of the bridge. Then the hugging began.

Anyone driving by probably thought we were crazy.

"I woke up thinking about you today so when I drove by and saw you, I knew it was a sign so I had to turn around and say hello," she gushed.

We spent 15 minutes catching up - Lovebomb, Bread and Puppet Theater, the upcoming parade - before resuming hugging. I walked away and she drove on.

I've run into people I know in some of the unlikeliest of places, but I'm going to say the middle of the bridge takes the cake.

At least until something even more random happens. And it probably will.

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