Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Raise the Flag

Memorial Day to-do list.

Accept an invitation to the country for a day of doing nothing.

Take a walk through the woods and down to the stream, enjoying the coolness of the shade the further in we go.

Set the day's tone with screened porch music blasting serious soul: first Pandora set to Marvin Gay and then, six hours later, updated to Luther Vandross. R & B is meant for a hot afternoon.

Begin the holiday celebration with a bottle of Laurent Perrier Brut and a toast to more Memorial days. Follow with hours of music discussion, research and wonderment. The band America was formed in London? Get the hell out!

Eat like you're an American: burgers grilled over charcoal with fries cooked outside. Even the one who says he's not a ketchup person dips these fries in it. Maybe it's how well they pair with the Russian River Valley Pinot Noir we're drinking.

Set up a croquet court, toss the coin and play two games of a lawn sport I haven't played since junior high. While I won both coin tosses, I lost both games. Don't tell my father, but I am no better now than I was then.

Retire to the porch to wait out the remaining daylight in anticipation of the massive firefly display that begins just after dusk this time of year.

Watch for hours as hundreds of fireflies sparkle and dance mid-air brightly against the backdrop of a row of darkened trees that encircle the property. I have never seen so many concentrated in one place at one time. It's like nature's fireworks sans noise.

Take advantage of the '80s R & B playing with occasional slow dancing before returning to the cocoons of the chairs.

Indulge in the unique pleasures of an old favorite experienced in a new way. Musical evening closer: Neil Finn's lush brand new album, "Dizzy Heights." Pop psychedelia grandeur and goodnight.

Nailed this holiday.

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