Friday, May 31, 2013

We'll Make Great Pets

Is it time for our annual (or is it semi-annual or tri-annual or something) catch-up-on-what's been going-on-lunch? Does seem like it's been a while.

That's how I ended up at lunch today with an old friend.

We'd met in 1992 when I was working at a radio station and he had co-authored a book with a co-worker.

Back then, he'd suggested we date but it only took one to realize we were better friend material than daters.

I recall he'd made me a cassette tape of Porno for Pyros "Pets" album, telling me then, "Based on their name, I thought they sounded weird enough for you."

At this stage of our friendship, we meet up whenever it occurs to him that it's been too long since we last met.

I got to Garnett's first and was at a table when he came in, took a seat at the counter and told the server he was waiting for a friend.

Apparently it had been long enough that he didn't recognize my back anymore.

He claimed it was my haircut that threw him off.

Over salads for lunch (he informed me he's on a diet that rules out processed foods and sugar), we reminisced about what an incredibly long-ago time ago was 1992, the year we met.

He asked his requisite question ("Do you have a cell phone yet?") and we got off on a tangent about people being out together but on their phones.

He tried to convince me that the beauty of having a cell phone is that when your lunch date is going to be late, they can let you know.

Here's the thing. When my lunch date doesn't show up on time, I realize they're going to be late.

And if they never show up, I just eat lunch without them.

Just proves he was right about how weird I am.

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