Saturday, June 30, 2012

We're Having a Heat Wave

It was too hot to go far.

Really, it was too hot to eat, but my evening's companion was starving.

So we met up at Bistro 27 where I was surprised to see the place rapidly filling up.

Clearly, "Spring Awakening:" is good for the local eateries. That, or everyone's too hot to stay at home.

I know I was; it was 96 degrees in my apartment when I left it.

And Bistro 27 wasn't exactly cool. Between the open kitchen and 108-degree day, it was more like tolerable.

Which was plenty good enough in comparison.

A new bartender awaited me and he was good enough to pour me some Gavi.

Everyone was moving a little slowly tonight and that included us.

We spent some time comparing summer colds and discussing various elements of "Spring Awakening" before even giving the menu a look-see.

A salad of Cabbage Farm arugula, red onion, tomato, pickled quail eggs and fried goat cheese was large but light enough to work on a hot day like this.

Afterwards, I saw a friend and we discussed our upcoming trips away.

He's headed to Nashville with his beloved and had been doing his research online, pleased to learn that the city that houses the Grand Ole Opry (which interests him not at all) also offers a smorgasbord of lesbian bars, male stripper bars and drag queen bars.

He expects to have a ball. And to think his favorite thing about time away is drinking and wild sex.

After hearing the specials, we decided to share the halibut with crab in butter and a medley of zucchini, squash and red pepper matchsticks.

It turned out to be a terrific choice; the fish portion was plenty for two and the abundance of crab and butter filled us up easily.

Once it got late, the chef came over, glass in hand, to give us a cultural lesson.

"This is the summer drink in Argentina," he said, offering up a taste.

The mixture of Malbec, coke and ice was surprisingly more palatable than I'd have guessed given the ingredients.

Or perhaps anything cold tastes good on a day like today.

Despite my protestations, we got dessert, the mixed berries in a chocolate cup with zabaglione, but I wasn't able to do my usual share tonight.

Too much halibut, too much heat.

Look, I love summer and I'm the last person to complain about the heat.

But when it gets to the point where your belly is sweaty, something's up.

An Argentine might say it's time to pack up the Malbec and Coke, a bathing suit and take Ivy's advice.

Roll the windows down
Take a look around
Everything is melting in the sun
Nothing's getting done
I don't have the time
Can't you see that I'm
Trying to get out of the city?

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