Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Than This

It's not just about keeping up with me; it's also about being able to appreciate the musical references.

So if I decide that, after days of frigid temperatures, I want to walk to a favorite neighborhood spot for lunch, it's not just about the vicarious pleasure I get introducing someone to a place I frequent.

And even though it's Ettamae's, it's not just about the corned beef (although it could be since the chef makes both the corned beef and the bread) and the cumin pork (stellar, as always) sandwiches, although those are two superb ways to impress a newbie.

No, it's about the other luncher cocking his head mid-meal, smiling and saying, "All this and Bryan Ferry, too," because "More Than This" is playing.

It's about commentary on the poetic lyrics of "I Melt with You" or the optimism of "There She Goes."

But at the end of lunch with an evocative soundtrack, it's about someone else besides me wanting to know the source of the music.

Pandora, I'd already guessed, but we wanted to know the starting point.

Crowded House. But of course.

Either one of us could have guessed as much, but only one of us could arguably improve on Pandora's take on that musical sound and era.

And that, I would say, is who you want to invite to walk with you for an impromptu lunch on a January afternoon.

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